Positive behavioral
Establishing meaningful healthy habits and sustaining them

Our Services

Our programmes can be delivered anywhere in the world and cover all the key areas that can lead to developing Type 2 diabetes including:

We also cover important topics that workers are becoming more concerned about:
immune health
heart health
BRAIN health

Our Programmes

They encompass several critical factors that we’ve proven time and time again to be necessary for effective lifestyle change:

We help programme participants to be very clear on what changes they should implement, what effects they want these changes to have and what their underlying motivators are for making a change.


Good intentions can erode over time if there’s no sense of accountability for delivering on the changes an individual originally commits to making. We provide systemised accountability that keeps focus on positive behavioural change.

Prioritisation & mindful decision making

Whether through boredom or relentless busyness, it can be tough to make consistently good choices. We encourage participants to consciously prioritise their participation and make mindful choices a fundamental part of every day.


Being able to see achievements and progress is critical to maintaining motivation in the mid to long term. We help participants to see the effects of their efforts and celebrate their successes so they are inspired to do more.


Personal responsibility is an overused and misleading term that has been fed by the tobacco industry and the food & beverage industry for many years often leading to self criticism and despair around lack of will-power. The environment is set up for people to fail. We help them beat the system and regain their self-belief in a compassionate way.