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Frequently Asked Questions about the Ignition-Go Programme


Who created the Ignition-Go Programme?

The programme was created by The Diabetes Dept. We have worked with people all over the world for many years to help them avoid or improve diabetes and other chronic illnesses.

What’s the Ignition Programme about?

Ignition Go takes you on a journey to help you connect the dots between lifestyle choices and health outcomes. We cover everything from having the right mindset, making wise food choices to things you may not have thought of like the impact of social connection, stress, shift work and sleep. Many of our numerous decisions we make every day impact our long term health. We help you to learn about this in bite size pieces and give you lots of help in integrating new healthy habits into your lifestyle at a pace and intensity that works best for you. Every small positive change helps and we celebrate every win. After completing Ignition Go you will understand the impact lifestyle can have on chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer and the severity of symptoms. You will know what helps some people live longer and stronger and how you can positively affect your energy, health and mood.


How does it work?

The programme is divided into 6 modules all of which have a different theme. Each theme is broken down into smaller topics that give small amounts of information. Each topic has a podcast and support materials including some further information, low level and high level tips to taking the first step to making any necessary changes and what to do after that. Each topic also has a very short survey where you can test your knowledge and remind yourself of what you have learned. You can also monitor your progress and level of participation.


What makes this different from other programmes?

Most diabetes or chronic illness programmes focus on diet or weight loss. While we appreciate the value of this we also know that many other lifestyle habits affect our health and especially our energy levels. Everyone’s needs are unique. We all have our own set of challenges and many balls in the air! We offer many gateways to the path of positive health and we are confident that everyone will benefit in some or many ways.

We make it as easy as possible to make positive changes and to sustain them.


How much of my time will it take up?

It is designed so you can spend anything from 3 minutes to ten minutes per day and still have lots of learnings. After that it is up to you to spend as much or as little time implementing what you have learned. You are encouraged to check in on your goals regularly and to continue to engage in the activities that you know will bring you closer to your ideal lifestyle.


Will my personal information be shared with my employer?

No. We will never share any personal data or information with your employer unless in an extremely rare and exceptional circumstance we feel that you are at grave danger to yourself.  All information is collated as shared as group information where no individual can be identified. The information shared is centered around overall participation and satisfaction ratings. All coaching sessions are in compliance with a strict code of practice and fully confidential. This is made clear to all employers in advance of the commencement of any in-company programmes.


What changes can I expect?

This is entirely up to you. We will encourage you as much as possible and will always be in your corner but we want you to become the CEO of your own wellbeing and make the best decisions possible to look after yourself. Ultimately you must take action. If you make even some of the suggested improvements to your lifestyle you could have more energy, lose weight, improve blood sugar, blood pressure or cholesterol as well as feeling more positive. Ultimately, it may help you to live longer and stronger which really means being healthy for longer. There are endless benefits to making positive changes to your lifestyle.


Do I need to tell my doctor I’m doing this programme?

It is always recommended to tell your doctor if you are undertaking lifestyle changes. This is particularly important if you are taking medication or you have a diagnosis of any illnesses. Also, if you have been sedentary for a long period and plan to undertake a lot of exercise this should also be mentioned to your doctor. None of the information in this programme is intended as medical advice nor should it be substituted in place of advice from any health care practitioners.


Who is the diabetes dept.?

The CEO of the Diabetes Dept is Siobhan Dee who is a registered nurse and health & wellness coach.  The team is made up of health coaches, nutritionists, exercise experts and mental wellbeing experts as well as the app developers.


Where is my data stored?

Our platform is GDPR-compliant and uses best-in-class security measures for storing personal health information. All server communication is encrypted over TLS and data is encrypted on REST. The platform undergoes annual security penetration tests by a Crest-approved supplier and is Cyber Essentials certified. Data is stored using open healthcare standards (HL7 FHIR).


Is this suitable for my family too?

The information in the programme is for anyone that want to upgrade their health and is lots of it is suitable for all the family. We encourage all participants to share the programme information with their family and to inspire them into making positive changes also. Some of the information is not suitable for young children and is recommended for 18 years and above. It is important to share any information or changes in an age appropriate way.


Is this a weight loss programme?

This programme is not designed as a weight loss programme but it can help people to get as close to their personal healthy weight as possible by making small but consistent changes. We focus on health benefits rather than weight loss but for many this can be a positive bonus. If your goal is to lose weight and you take action on the relevant parts of the programme to help you do that there is a good chance that you will be successful.


Is this only for people with diabetes?

Definitely not. Here at The Diabetes Dept we firmly believe that many lifestyle diseases like Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or significantly improved. Many chronic illnesses are influenced by our lifestyle so we want you to know how to improve that so that you lessen your chances of getting a disease or lessening the severity of symptoms when possible.


What if I think I might have diabetes?

All of this information is relevant and valuable for you. Having well controlled blood sugars is the best thing for your health and you will learn about many things in this programme that can help you to achieve this. It is important to continue to take your medication and follow the advice of your health care practitioner while implementing any lifestyle changes.


Is it only suitable for people with type 2 diabetes or type 1?

It is suitable for anyone with Type 1, Type 2, prediabetes or insulin resistance.


I’m vegetarian, will I be catered for?

We aim to help everyone whether you are vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, carnivore or mix of these. You may also omit some foods for religious or ethical reasons and we understand and respect any dietary preferences.


I’m already fit and healthy, will I benefit from this programme?

Great Question! We think you will for 3 reasons. Firstly, we all need reminders every now and then and most of us learn something new every time we engage with information that we are reasonably well-informed in. It may also encourage you to take your health to ‘next level’ health or fitness or to consolidate your healthy habits.

Secondly, we hope that you will learn something new from other topics that may not be obviously connected to health. This is especially relevant to the many emotional health topics that are addressed.

Finally, we hope that you will share some of the information with others so that you will inspire them to be healthier. Do not underestimate the value of that ripple effect!

Where can I sign up for the Ignition Programme?

We would love to have you on our programme.  However, this programme is currently run though organisations.

When we get your name from your company we will send you a sign up ID and you can download the app below.

How can I contact you if I have any queries?

We love to hear from you. Please contact us with any questions or comments at our email address: support@thediabetesdept.com

PLease download the app, either for android or IOS.