For Employers

A healthy, vibrant workforce powers a healthy, strong balance sheet. They don’t just turn up to work they are more productive and more engaged each and every day. Some occupations have more diabetes related health risks than others, but this is not an obstacle.

Our programmes are designed to be of benefit in the most challenging working conditions, reducing the impact that fatigue,  type 2 diabetes and related conditions has on employee health and business productivity. We have a particular interest in drivers who are at three times the risk of other occupations of getting type 2 diabetes but can be avoided with the right interventions.

For Employees

We care about your health, so you can be there for your family and have all the energy you need to enjoy life to the full. We understand that stress, poor sleep patterns, tiredness and challenging eating environments may be a feature of your working life.

That’s why our programmes are practical, realistic and take into account the fact that some things are tough to change. We can help you make small but meaningful shifts that add up to a happier, healthier you.

Diabetes & The Workplace


would like to participate in a diabetes workplace programme


have a family member with diabetes which increases their risk


are concerned about the link with Covid and being overweight

There is a strong likelihood that your employees would welcome a diabetes programme. Studies show that employees participating in a diabetes wellness programme experience significant positive impacts on their health and also that the workplace is the optimum environment to address diabetes

A healthy workforce results in a healthier bottom line and a more committed workforce.

See how the diabetes dept can work for you

Our innovative digital programmes can be delivered anywhere in the world and we cover all of the key areas related to diabetes including


Emotional Drains

Being Active

Quality Rest

As well as…

Driver Health

Energy Boosters

Shift Work