About Us

The Diabetes Dept. is dedicated to working with industry associations and companies to prevent and manage Type 2 diabetes in the workforce.

We aim to flip the script on this fast growing disease and the catastrophic consequences it can have on people’s lives both physically and emotionally as well as the impact on their work. Economic consequences affect both the employee and the employer with higher absenteeism and early retirement a strong feature of this disease.

Incidence is projected to grow significantly over the next ten years especially in the higher risk employee groups. Yet this disease is avoidable and for many it is reversible. Our passion is to help people to discover how to do this and feel their very best.

Founded by Siobhán Dee, an internationally experienced expert on diabetes prevention and management, we are in the business of distilling cutting edge science into practical programmes that result in real change and positive health outcomes for every participant.

We aim to flip the script on this devastating disease

Our team fuses expertise and enthusiasm, a passion for making change and a keen awareness of the intersection between personal health and professional life.

James L, Dublin.

I did a 6 week programme with Siobhan. In that time I dropped 10 kilo’s, am no longer pre-diabetic, have normalised my blood pressure but best of all I have much more energy, feel more positive and am determined to keep doing this. I wish I had done it years ago